Main Library Planning & Programming

July 29, 2008

The community meeting about Main Library will take place tomorrow from 5:30 to 7:00pm at the Main Library Auditorium. The meeting will be divided into two parts:

(A) Presentation by the great architects who are working with us to understand our existing building and site, and

(B) Listening to the community members who assemble to hear what you feel is important as we develop this Library as a Place for our community to meet, to study, to learn, to bring our children, to connect with the world of information and ideas in these packages called books, CDs, DVDs, and nowadays, electrons flowing through the wires and airwaves that form the Internet.

On Wednesday, our architects will be conducting focus groups from dawn ’til dusk with groups such as the Business community, the Faith community, Homeless and Poor people, the Hispanic/Latino community, Neighborhoods, Parents of young children, Seniors, and Teens. All this engagement with Durham people is to learn what our community wants and needs in its Main Library.

Should we even call it the Main Library any more? Over the past five years, we’ve planned and built a Regional Library System, with a full service library within five miles of every Durham County resident. East Regional Library and North Regional Library are the first of what will be four regional libraries. They are wonderful! If you haven’t visited one or both of them, you must!!! And if you haven’t visited the historic Stanford L. Warren Library, that’s one of the 10 Things to Do Before You Die. Seriously. It’s a treasure!

So if we’re a regional library system, should our downtown library be called the Central Library? Our regional libraries are 25,000 square foot facilities, while our existing Main Library is a 65,000 square foot building. So what distinguishes it from the regional libraries? What do we all want and need this Library to be?

I look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow and Wednesday!

Bull City Rising Blog entry pertaining to the Main Library Planning.


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