Main Library – “Main Street”

April 29, 2009

The Main Library is ready for its close up.

As you may know, the Main Library will be closed this Friday, May 1, so that the Main Street Film Company can shoot a scene from the movie here.

Of course, I never make a decision to close a library facility lightly. If budget and staff levels allowed, I would have the library open more hours on more days of the week. But every once in awhile, an opportunity comes up that warrants a second look and a change in plans. A number of County sites and facilities were pressed into service for the making of this movie, and when the request came through to use the Main Library, I had a choice to make.

After carefully weighing the benefits of having the library featured in a major motion picture against the inconvenience of closing a facility for a day, I decided that the long-term benefits were worth it. Movies help to put communities on the map, and Durham has certainly made this work to its advantage. This is the 19th movie to be shot in Durham. The state of North Carolina even has an incentive program to encourage movie production here. We’re proud that our community and your library will be seen on screens across the country.

The short-term inconvenience has a long-term payoff for Durham in another way as well: The Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau estimates the economic impact of filming a movie with Durham as the primary location at more than $4.5 million. http://www.durham-nc.com/resources/pdf/economicimpactoffilmindurham.pdf. We are happy to do our part to encourage that kind of financial boost for our community during these tough economic times.

For the use of the library, Main Street Film Company will cover all expenses incurred with the closure, and they are making a generous donation of $1,000 to the Durham Library Foundation.

I hope you will take this opportunity to visit our Stanford L. Warren Library. If you have never been before, you are missing a historic jewel and a beautiful library. And look for the Durham County Main Library coming soon to a theatre near you . . .


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