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Reading Together, Being Together

October 8, 2009

Special times in Durham happen for most of us, often. Extra special times come around only every now and then.  Now is one of those times.

This whole month all across our city and county, thousands of us are reading Something for the Pain, by Durham ER Doctor Paul Austin.   What a great book!  We watch ER and Grey’s Anatomy and now Mercy, but in this book we have real-life insights into life and work surrounding the busy and stressful Durham Regional Hospital emergency room.

Library staff in all our locations decked out this week in doctor’s scrubs we made up specially for this month of community reading and programs and discussion.  Sunday, I had the pleasure to attend the program “For Better or For Worse: When Your Spouse Has a Stressful Job.”  What a wonderful kickoff program with Monica Barnes moderating a panel including Sally Austin, Nicole Marsalis, John McCallie, and Paula Flood, each one of whose famous spouses has a stressful job that of course creates challenges back on the home front.

The month is chock full of great programs and events.  Take a look at our Durham Reads Together web page at to see the full list.  Dr. Austin is attending many of the programs and will be at Durham Tech on October 22 and the Sarah P. Duke Gardens on November 1.

Coming up next is “Faith and Healing” with Dr. Lori Carter-Edwards of the Duke Medical Center and Dr. Susan Dunlap of Duke Divinity School this Saturday morning at East Regional Library.  See you there or at one of the yoga sessions every Monday evening this month at Parkwood Library!