Planning for the Southwest Regional Grand Opening Begins

January 26, 2010

This morning I, and other library staff members, had a fantastic meeting with a group of people who love the Southwest Library and can’t wait for the new, improved version to open its doors.

We met to brainstorm some ideas for the May 24 Grand Opening. It’s shaping up to be an open house that will last all morning and into the afternoon, then will pick up later in the evening for some events targeted specifically at families. I’m calling it the Southwest Regional Grand Open House, but that’s just a working title. We’ll see how that shapes up along with the rest of the event.

To get the brainstorming session going, we invited a small group of people who live or work near Southwest to help us plan. We included representatives from elementary, middle and high schools and local businesses. We also invited a few of Southwest’s most enthusiastic customers. (I know there are many more out there!)

We ended up with a great group of 13 folks who had very creative ideas about how we can make this Grand Open House a real celebration. The goal of the open house is to give the community a chance to participate in the day, and to give customers a sample of the great programs and events at their library. So far we know there will be a ribbon cutting first thing, followed by a day full of Wii demos, storytimes, children’s choirs, tours of the new library and a visit from the Museum of Life and Science. There are lots of other ideas on the table (like Salsa dancing, a technology demo and a library scavenger hunt) but we’re still working on the details.

I’ll post here again as the planning shapes up. In the meantime, check out the latest interior pictures — the building is really coming together. The skylights are my personal favorite.

–Gina Rozier, Marketing and Development Manager


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